RGB IOR values for common metals


These IOR values are taken from the great resource RefractiveIndex.INFO, but it only includes the values relevant for setting up materials for physically based rendering.
The values listed here should work with several different rendering engines, such as Octane Render and Arnold.

RGB IOR Values for metals
Red (650nm) Green (550nm) Blue (450nm)
Aluminium (Al) n= 1.34560 0.96521 0.61722
k= 7.47460 6.39950 5.30310
Brass (Cu-Zn) n= 0.44400 0.52700 1.09400
k= 3.69500 2.76500 1.82900
Copper (Cu) n= 0.27105 0.67693 1.31640
k= 3.60920 2.62480 2.29210
Gold (Au) n= 0.18299 0.42108 1.37340
k= 3.4242 2.34590 1.77040
Iron (Fe) n= 2.91140 2.94970 2.58450
k= 3.08930 2.93180 2.76700
Lead (Pb) n= 1.91000 1.83000 1.44000
k= 3.51000 3.40000 3.18000
Mercury (Hg) n= 2.07330 1.55230 1.06060
k= 5.33830 4.65100 3.86280
Platinum (Pt) n= 2.37570 2.08470 1.84530
k= 4.26550 3.71530 3.13650
Silver (Ag) n= 0.15943 0.14512 0.13547
k= 3.92910 3.19000 2.38080
Titanium (Ti) n= 2.74070 2.54180 2.26700
k= 3.81430 3.43450 3.03850

More metals (and formats)

The values listed above are only the materials found in the 3D section of RefractiveIndex.INFO, but I also collected the appropriate values for some other metals, that could be interesting, from the database. You can find them (and the values listed above) in this Google Document Spreadsheet.
(I leave no guarantee on the accuracy on the values, but I have tested them all).

If you use Octane in Blender you can download this .blend (zipped) with a material for each metal setup with the correct values (the .blend includes both a material and a node group for each metal).
NB: These are not fully setup materials, just “stubs” (Universal Material w/ Metal – RGB IOR), just so you don’t need to find and enter all the values each time.

Metals_IOR.blend (zipped)

Alternate download sources: Google Drive (.blend) / Google Drive (zipped .blend)

(Files update 23-08-23 for newer versions of Octane Blender)

Public Domain

This is provided free of charge and no ownership or copyright is claimed (in the same way as the data provided by RefractiveIndex.info).
Released as Public Domain / CC-0